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The new intel­li­gence in gloss mea­sure­ment
The micro-glosshas been the unsur­passed indus­try stan­dard in gloss measure­ment for many years. It is the onlygloss­me­tercom­bin­ing high­est accu­racy,ease-of-use andmul­ti­ple func­tio­n­al­ity- essen­tial for today'stest­ing require­ments.

Micro-TRI-Gloss μ
Gloss and Film Thick­ness in one Instru­ment
Gloss and film thick­ness are impor­tant QC cri­te­ria for coat­ings. The new micro-TRI-gloss μ mea­sures both in seconds and at the same posi­tion. This saves time and is ideal for checks in the field.


Con­trol and guar­an­tee a uni­formfin­ish - no more mottling!

Mottling dis­turbes the over­all color har­mony of effect fin­ishes. These irreg­u­lar light­ness vari­a­tions can now be objec­tively mea­sured withBYK-Gard­ner's newest inno­va­tion: the cloud-run­ner sim­u­lates visual eval­u­a­tion under dif­fer­ent observ­ing angles and char­ac­ter­izes clouds / mot­tles by their size and vis­i­bil­ity.

Wave-Scan dual

Orange Peel and DOI measurement on high to semi gloss surfaces

...appear­ance con­trol is no longer limited to final top­coat inspec­tion. The orange peel meter scansthe opti­cal pro­file of high gloss sur­faces using a laser light source. An addi­tio­nal, infrared - highenergy LED allows mea­sur­ing the same struc­ture spec­trum (0.1 - 30 mm)on medium gloss sur­faces. The dull­ness mea­sure­ment is recorded with state-of-the-art CCD cam­era tech­nol­ogy. It gives infor­ma­tion on theimage form­ing qual­i­ties of the sur­face caused by struc­tures <0.1mm.


Orange Peel and DOI measurement for curved and small parts
Now you can mea­sure Orange Peel and DOI on small and curved sur­faces: Auto­mo­tive add-on parts - like bum­pers, gas tank doors, mir­ror hous­ings, door han­dles, dec­o­ra­tive trim or motor­cy­cle parts.
Total color impres­sion of effect finishes
The appear­ance ofeffect fin­ishes is influ­enced by dif­fer­ent view­ing angles and view­ing con­di­tions. Apart from a light-dark flop and color shift spe­cial spark­ling effects can be cre­ated. The BYK-mac spec­tropho­tome­ter is unique as it mea­sures both multi-angle color and flake char­ac­ter­i­za­tion in one portable device.
  • Tra­di­tio­nal 5-angle color mea­sure­ment: 15° / 25° / 45° / 75° / 110°
  • Addi­tio­nal color mea­sure­ment behind the gloss for color travel of interfer­ence pig­ments: -15°
  • Sparkle and graini­ness mea­sure­ment for flake char­ac­ter­i­za­tion

Accessories Cosmetics
Measurement of cosmetic products
The cos­metic indus­try is very much driven by the aes­thet­ics. A lot of special effect pig­ments are used to cre­ate light-dark and color flop. Addition­ally, they start to sparkle when viewed in direct sun light. As many different sam­ple types are used e.g. nail pol­ish, lip gloss and eye sha­dow, stan­dardized sam­ple pre­pa­ra­tion is required for repeat­able mea­sure­ment results.


Multi-angle color measurement
In order to con­trol the light­ness and / or color flop of an effect fin­ish, the color needs to be mea­sured under dif­fer­ent view­ing angles. BYK-mac COLOR spec­tropho­tome­ter offers an attrac­tive solu­tion by mea­sur­ing
  • Tra­di­tio­nal 5-angle color at 15°/25°/45°/75°/110°
  • An addi­tio­nal angle at -15° "behind the gloss" for color travel of interfer­ence pig­ments

Automatic measurement of total color impression of effect
finishes at the line
Prod­ucts can only be man­u­fac­tured with uni­form and con­sis­tent qual­ity when pro­cess sta­bil­ity is guar­an­teed. There­fore, multi-angle color, sparkle and graini­ness must be mea­sured on a rou­tine basis. The BYK-mac ROBOTIC spec­tropho­tome­ter allows auto­mated total color con­trol as it is mounted on a robotic arm. The robotic sys­tem not
only mea­sures a high num­ber of cars, but also on the same areas.

Byko-spectra effect
Effect fin­ish appear­ance is influ­enced by dif­fer­ent view­ing angles and viewing con­di­tions. With BYK-Gard­ner's new byko-spec­tra effect light booth, it is now pos­si­ble to con­trol both parameters to ensure objec­tive eval­u­a­tion of the total color impres­sion of effect fin­ishes. This helps to improve com­mu­ni­ca­tion and reduce prod­uct rejec­tions.

Total Appearance Control - color and gloss in one unit
The over­all appear­ance of a prod­uct is influ­enced by color and gloss. A sample of the same color but higher gloss level is visu­ally per­ceived darker and more sat­u­rated than a low gloss sam­ple. In order to get a uni­form appear­ance, both attributes need to be con­trolled. The spec­tro-guide spectropho­tome­ter is unique as it mea­sures both attributes simul­ta­ne­ously. Thus, the cause of a mis­match can be clearly defined in any sit­u­a­tion.
Automatic Film Applicator
The byko-drive Auto­matic Appli­ca­tor is an eco­nom­i­cal film appli­ca­tor that improves the con­sis­tency of draw­downs. When more than one oper­a­tor is draw­ing down the same coat­ing or ink, the dry film appear­ance will vary because of dif­fer­ent draw­down tech­niques. Draw­down speed and pres­sure on the appli­ca­tor tool will impact the result. Film thick­ness, gloss, opac­ity, and color can vary with dif­fer­ing draw­down tech­niques.


Byko-test 4200/4500
Dry Film Thickness Gages
The byko-test 4500 film thick­ness gauge allows for the mea­sure­ment of a vari­ety of prod­ucts. No cable exchange or cal­i­bra­tion is needed when chang­ing from a fer­rous to a non-fer­rous sub­s­trate. The large LCD dis­play and 10 second reten­tion of the last mea­sured value makes the byko-test 4500 easy to use.

Pencil Hardness Tester
The pur­pose of scratch hard­ness tests is to deter­mine the resis­tance of coat­ing mate­rials or lac­quers to scratch effects on the sur­face. This test is of par­tic­u­lar value for fur­ni­ture or vehi­cle lac­quers, but is also a use­ful aid in the devel­op­ment of syn­thetic resins or other film form­ing mate­rials.
Gen­er­ally, scratch hard­ness is mea­sured by mov­ing a sharp object under a known pres­sure over the test sur­face. The result may either be the value of the pres­sure required to scratch through the test mate­rial if a scratch­ing tool of con­s­tant hard­ness is used, or the hard­ness of the scratch­ing tool is varied while con­s­tant pres­sure is applied.


Mechanical Cupping Tester
The BYK-Gard­ner Mechan­i­cal Cup­ping Tester is designed to test the elongation and deforma­bil­ityof lac­quers and pro­tec­tive coat­ings applied to metal sub­s­trates. The punch is applied under pres­sure to the uncoated side of the test panel. The panel is held in place by a clamp­ing ring. Two test pro­ce­dures can be per­formed the "Pre­de­ter­mined depth" (go/no go) or "Minimum depth required to cause fail­ure".


DPM 100
Digital Pocket Microscope
The NEW DPM 100 Dig­i­tal Pocket Micro­s­cope offers vary­ing mag­ni­fi­ca­tion up to 200x suit­able for most qual­ity inspec­tion work. The micro­s­cope fea­tures inte­grated LED illu­mi­na­tion which can be turned on and off depend­ing on the appli­ca­tion. The DPM con­tains a high-res­o­lu­tion color cam­era which pro­vides crisp, clear images. To cap­ture an image sim­ply press the red but­ton on the micro­s­cope. The micro­s­cope can be used for many appli­ca­tions, such as print qual­ity, paper struc­ture, coat­ings, tex­tiles, plas­tics, etc.


Oven Temperature Recorder
The temp-gard tem­per­a­ture recorder sys­tem mea­sures and saves object and air tem­per­a­ture dur­ing the cure pro­cess. Doc­u­men­ta­tion and anal­y­sis of tem­per­a­ture pro­files is made easy with the included tem­pchart soft­ware: all you need to con­trol and opti­mize your bak­ing pro­cess.
The temp-gard data log­ger comes in two con­fig­u­ra­tions, 12 tem­per­a­ture probe con­nec­tions or 6 probe con­nec­tions. The data log­ger has a new innova­tive design with a large color graph­ics dis­play and USB mem­ory stick con­nec­tion for easy data trans­fer.


PosiTector DPM
Dew Point Meter
This new meter helps bring a new level of con­fi­dence to the paint­ing contrac­tor and inspec­tor. Mea­sure and record cli­matic param­e­ters includ­ing air tem­per­a­ture, sur­face tem­per­a­ture, dew point tem­per­a­ture and the difference between sur­face and dew point tem­per­a­tures, which is crit­i­cal for deter­min­ing con­den­sa­tion prob­a­bil­ity. This meter is ideal for sur­face preparation, as required by ISO 8502-4.


Byko-test 8500
The byko-test 8500 film thick­ness gage has a mod­u­lar design to accommodate a wide range of appli­ca­tions.Mul­ti­ple sen­sor probes are availablefor max­i­mun flex­i­bil­ity. Coat­ing thick­ness can be mea­sured on a wide vari­ety of metal sub­s­trates: iron, steel, cop­per, alu­minum, zinc, brass, and tita­nium.


Byko-cut universal
Portable instru­ment pro­vid­ing suf­fi­cient accu­racy for lab­o­ra­tory use but also usable at con­struc­tion sites and in work­shops. Ideal for cus­tomer ser­vice tech­ni­cians and demon­s­tra­tions. The BYK-Gard­ner byko-cut is a uni­ver­sal instru­ment for:
  • Mea­sur­ing film thick­ness in the range of 2 - 2000 μm (1/8 - 80 mils) on every sub­s­trate (steel, non-fer­rous metal, plas­tics, wood, etc.)
  • Adh­e­sion test by means of cross-cut test in accor­dance with ASTM D 3359; DIN 53 151
  • Inden­ta­tion hard­ness test in accor­dance with ISO 2815 (Buch­holz)
  • Micro­s­copic research for pores, pits, cracks, blis­ters, flak­ing, inter­coat adh­e­sion of the indi­vi­d­ual film in coat sys­tems, and qual­ity con­trol of the pre­treat­ment of the sub­s­trate
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