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All Purpose Pumps
Ideal for General Purpose Lab & Industrial Use
Model QD: High Flow 0 - 2208 ml/min
Model QG: Low Flow 0 - 512 ml/min
  • FMI's Patented CeramPump®: Valveless Piston Design - One Moving Part
  • Many pump heads to choose from to accommodate a wide variety of flow ranges, fluid characteristics, and special application requirements.
  • Pump heads are easily removed without tools for cleaning or changing with other types and sizes to extend application capabilities.
  • Rugged, thermally protected, fan cooled, ball bearing motors.
  • Available in 115 VAC and 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Variable Speed Pumps
Ideal for Automated Process Control
Model QV: High Flow 0 - 2300 ml/min
Model RHV: Low Flow 0 - 180 ml/min
Model QVG50: Low Flow 0 - 64 ml/min
  • Membrane Switches for manual Flow Rate Settings and Start / Stop functions
  • 3 1/2 Digit LCD Flow Display
  • Selectable 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC, & 0-10 VDC input for communication with process instrumentation
  • Start, Stop & Reverse Flow while maintaining flow settings
  • Universal Power Input accepts 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Rugged, anodized aluminum enclosure designed for both bench-top & wall mounting


DC Pumps

Ideal for Field Work & Other Mobile Applications
Model RHB: Low Flow 0 - 260 ml/min
Model QB: High Flow 0 - 2300 ml/min
  • Ideal for vehicle, boat, or remote applications.
  • Widely used to inject discrete quantities of additive fluids in main discharge lines of tank trucks and pest control vehicles.
  • Mechanical flow adjustment plus electronic control by voltage variation.
  • QB & RHB Pumps have an extension shaft at the rear of the motor accepts a user supplied tachometer for closed loop circuit process applications or other rotational controls.


Precision Dispensers

For Pipetting, Syringing and Diluting
PiP Pumps micro π-petter: 0 - 100 µl/dispense
  • Provides a low-cost means of dispensing fluids accurately, to better than 1%.
  • Ideal for repetitive and volumetric dispensing of acids, solvents, and aqueous solutions.
  • FMI's unique low-dead-volume, valveless pump heads.
  • High accuracy, synchronous motor drives. 


Programmable Dispensing System

Valveless, Programmable, Dispensing & Metering System
Model PDS100: 0 - 1.28 ml/dispense, 0 - 768 ml/min
  • FMI’s Patented CeramPump® valveless piston pump design
  • Programmable Dispensing and Continuous Metering Modes
  • Single, Dual Channel Proportional, and “Pulseless” Flow Configurations
  • Intuitive programming using convenient front panel membrane switches and LED menu display
  • Selectable Manual Control or Analog input (0-10V, 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA) for communication with process instrumentation
  • Accommodates all FMI pump head sizes


Motorless Pedestal

High Flow - Rugged Duty
Model QP: 0 - 1.28 ml/dispense
  • Ideal for OEM applications up to 1800 RPM.
  • Used extensively in laboratory, industrial, and OEM
    applications for both dispensing & metering up to
    2300 ml/min continuous flow.
  • Typically driven by belt, chain or shaft coupling connected
    to your special motor drive, e.g. air, hydraulic, stepper, etc.
  • Minimal torque requirement of 35 inch ounces.
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