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MINIVAP VPXpert Vapor Pressure Tester
New Benchmark inVapor Pressure Testing
MINIVAP VPXpert is the 3rd generation vapor pressure tester for the automatic determination of the vapor pressure of gasoline, gasoline oxygenate blends and crude oil for all vapor pressure standards.
Available Methods: ASTM D5191, D5188, D6377, D6378 EN 13016-1+2 IP 394, 409, 481 JIS K2258-2 SHT 0769 GOST 52340
Excellent correlation to ASTM D323, D4953, D5190, D5482


MINIVAP VPS / VPSH Vapor Pressure Tester
The Worldwide Standard Vapor Pressure Tester
MINIVAP VPS and VPSH are the worldwide accepted standard instruments for the determination of the vapor pressure of gasoline according to ASTM D 5191, ASTM D 6378 and EN 13016 1+2.


Crude Oil Package for Vapor Pressure Tester
The Official Standard Method for Vapor Pressure of Crude Oil
GRABNER INSTRUMENTS' complete package for the vapor pressure measurement of crude oil according to ASTM D 6377 (Expansion Method).


MINIVAP ON-LINE RVP Process Analyzer
Grabner/Reid Vapor Pressure On-Line Analyzer
MINIVAP ON-LINE is a unique process vapor pressure analyzer measuring according to the worldwide standard measuring priciple of the MINIVAP VPS. It combines in a single analyser the measurement of the vapor pressure of gasoline (ASTM D 6378), crude oil (ASTM D 6377), LPG and the vapor-liquid ratio (LVR) of gasoline of up to 2 different sample streams.


MINIVAPLPG Vapor Pressure Tester
The Official Alternative to the Traditional Bomb Method
MINIVAP LPG vapor pressure tester - a stand-alone unit for the automatic vapor pressure determination of liquefied petroleum gas.


MINIWIN Vapor Pressure
Software for Remote Control, Data Storage and LIMS
MINIWIN allows for seamless integration of VPS, VPSH and LPG to your PC and LIMS system.

* Easy access to label samples
* Check and adapt standards and correlation formulas
* Store and transfer results
World Class Flashpoint Testing At Your Finger Tips
MINIFLASH TOUCH is a uniquely designed flash point tester for the determination of flashpoints of liquids and solids, using the Grabner flash point detection method of measuring the instantaneous pressure increase inside the continuously closed chamber, triggered by an energy-controlled electric arc. Heating the test chamber from the top avoids condensation of high volatile compounds, significantly improving the test results.

MINIFLASH FLP / FLPH / FLPL Flash Point Tester
The Safety Standard in Flashpoint Testing
The MINIFLASH is a uniquely designed flash point tester for the determination of flashpoints of liquids and solids, using the Grabner flash point detection method of measuring the instantaneous pressure increase inside the continuously closed chamber due to a hot flame.

MINIFLASH FLA / FLAH Flash Point Tester
The New Age of Flashpoint Testing
With the flash point samplers MINIFLASH FLA and FLAH, the manipulation time for 8 different samples is less than 2 minutes.

MINIWIN Flashpoint
MINIWIN allows for seamless integration of our Flashpoint testers with aPC and LIMS system.


IROX 2000Gasoline Analyzer
Portable Gasoline Analysis with MID-FTIR
IROX is an extremely compact, robust and user friendly Mid-FTIR spectrometer for the automatic measurement of the concentration of the most important components of gasoline. Thanks to an improved mathematical model and the use of a built-in density meter, the instrument additionally provides most reliable results for key properties such as Octane Numbers, Distillation Properties and Vapor Pressure.


IROX Diesel Analyzer
PortableDiesel Analysis with MID-FTIR
IROX Diesel is a Mid-FTIR analyzer dedicated to Diesel analysis: With a different spectrometer cell, its own on-board software and a vast calibration library handling is as easy as with the gasoline unit. This instrument also uses an improved calculation model, based on Cluster analysis and MLR for the determination of the key properties of diesel fuel such as Cetane Number, Cetane Index and Distillation Properties.

MINIWIN allows for seamless integration of our Fuel analyzers with aPC and LIMS system.

MINIDIS ADXpert Automatic Distillation
Portable and Automatic Mini-Distillation Analyzer
The mini-distillation analyzer MINIDIS ADXpert is a minituarized and fully automated atmospheric distillation analyzer for gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and solvents. The portable and rugged size as well as the use of disposable metal cups instead of glass flasks also makes it the ideal field tester.


MINIWIN Distillation
MINIWIN allows for seamless integration of our Automatic Distillation units with aPC and LIMS system.

MINIVIS445 Kinematic Viscometer
Portable Micro-Viscometer
The MiniVis 445 is the clever combination of a rolling ball viscometer, an advanced density meter, and an automatic filling system: Precise determination of dynamic and kinematic viscosity over a wide temperature range, all in a rugged instrument fit for heavy duty environments, yet precise enough for the lab bench.


MINIVISII Viscosity Tester
Portable Micro-Viscometer
The MINIVIS II is an automatic, temperature controlled micro falling-ball viscometer used for all kinds of Newtonian liquids. The use of reflection sensors makes it possible to cover a wide range of applications: samples as dark as used oil, heavy-oil, black ink and blood can be measured with highest accuracy and repeatability. The small sample volume and easy handling eliminate the usual cleaning problems of other viscometers.


Flow-Properties of Lubrication Grease according to
Kesternich (DIN 51805)
MINITEST FFK automatically determines the flow-pressure properties of lubricating grease at low temperatures down to -60°C by means of the Kesternich test. The original and time-consuming method is now fully automated and the measuring range is extended far below the original one, resulting in a considerably improved test precision.

MINIHYDKarl FischerTitrator
Fast and Easy Karl Fischer Moisture Meter
MINIHYD KF moisture meters have been specifically designed for the determination of water content in oils. Combining coulometry with the Karl Fischer method, MINIHYD KF titrators determine the water content of samples by measuring the amount of electrolysis current necessary to produce the required iodine this is an absolute technique which does not require the calibration of reagents. MINIHYD KF titrators have been developed in response to manyrequests from customers in routine laboratories, off-shore platforms and in the field. The built-in battery and optional carry case provide the versatility required by the laboratory and also the ease of use and portability required by the field engineer.

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