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0.37 kW / 0 - 20,000 rpm
  • Proven laboratory dissolver with the latest motor technology.
  • The DISPERMAT® LC30 is an efficient high speed dissolver which is suitable for various applications including dispersion and homogenization.
  • The motor is convection cooled and is extremely quiet during operation.

LC55 : 0.55 kW / 0 - 20,000 rpm
LC75 : 0.75 kW / 0 - 20,000 rpm
  • Strong laboratory dissolver with timer and central clamping system
  • The DISPERMAT® LC55/LC75 is a strong laboratory dissolver which can be used for small as well as large millbase volumes.
  • In order to comply with the latest safety directives and reduce the risk of injuries caused by the rotating dissolver disc, these DISPERMAT® dissolvers are fitted with a safety device.


0.75 kW / 0 - 20,000 rpm
  • The compact all‒rounder for the laboratory
  • The DISPERMAT® CV3 has digital displays for speed, torque, time and product temperature.
  • An additional timer enables the speed to be changed automatically to another setting.
  • The ergonomically designed stand with a precision linear guide for easy height adjustment, is available with a stainless steel or painted column.


1.5 kW / 0 - 20,000 rpm
  • Designed with the requirements in practice
  • The DISPERMAT® CV4 is a universally usable laboratory and pilot plant dissolver, which is ideal for research and development tasks as well as for larger formulations.
  • The heat generated during the operation of the AC motor is dissipated over the surface of the motor housing.
  • This ensures a very quiet motor operation.
  • The stand convinced by its very solid and robust design.

Innovated design with integrated power electronics
  • The DISPERMAT® DS is an innovative dispersing instrument with the latest technology and functional design. With the DISPERMAT® DS the dispersing and grinding processes are performed with utmost control. The compact instrument contains the drive motor, the electrical height adjustment of the drive motor, the power electronic, the control panel and the electrical height adjustable central container fixing.
  • With the DISPERMAT® DS trials with the dissolver disc as well as with different milling systems like the APS or TML device can be carried out.
  • The innovative and user friendly control system enables a comprehensive process control, with which all relevant data like speed, torque, power input, product temperature, time, peripheral speed, height of the dispersing tool is indicated in
    the display.
  • Besides the usual speed control a power control is integrated which ensures a high reproducibility of the trials within the dissolver and bead mill operation.

Power range 1.1 to 7.5 kW
Flexible. Powerful. Innovative.
  • 3 ergonomic stand designs: BK2G, BK2 and BK3
  • 24 drive variations: Threephase A.C. motors with frequency converters
  • 5 innovative control systems: LC, CN, C, M-EX and C-EX
  • 5 adaptable accessory systems: APS, TML, CDS, SR and ASC

Fine grinding also for temperature sensitive products
Bead mill DISPERMAT® RS for fine grinding for the pass and for circulation process. Option: explosion proofness according to ATEX


New dissolver and basket mill in functional design.
Optional free‒standing or wall mounted.
  • Innovative basket mill and dissolver for any container from 50 to 500 l
  • The TORUSMILL® SK115 and SK122 are new dispersing machines, with which excellent grinding results can be achieved in very short time.
  • The TORUSMILL® SK is available in two versions with 15 kW or 22 kW drive power for processing low and medium viscous products.
  • The TORUSMILL® clamping device is suitable for container volumes up to 500 l.
  • The machines are characterized by a spacesaving and more robust stand.
  • The integrated electrical height adjustment with highquality linear guidance enables for an easy and safe lifting and lowering of the grinding gear.
  • The stand is available as a freestanding version or as a particularly spacesaving floorwall unit.
  • The basket mills SK are also available as walllifting dissolvers.
Innovation made in Germany:
Modular Dispersing and Milling Systems

Innovation made in Germany: Convert the DISPERMAT® dissolver into a vacuum dissolver, a homogenizer, a bead mill, a basket mill and a dissolver for very high viscosity and non- flowing substances.
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