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General Purpose Thermometers
Standard thermometers for daily use in laboratory.
Cheap but reliable.
Precision Thermometers
Precision types suitable for government testing and suitable for calibration, also with official verification or calibration certificate.
Ranges from -200°C upto +750°C, DIN 12775 and DIN 12778, with mercury filling, also blue reflecting, as well as special fillings, enclosed scale with milk glass scale, and solid stem white or yellow backed.
Maximum Thermometers
ASTM Thermometers
Suitable for government testing, with works certificate and government tested with verification certificate. With mercury filling (Hg), toluene filling or mercury-thallium filled (Hg-Tl). In Celsius or Fahrenheit, white or yellow backed.


General Purpose Hydrometers
Usually the density is determined, prefereably in the units g/cm³, kg/m³ and g/ml. With alcoholometers usually the content of alcohol by volume in ethanol-water mixtures are determined. Reference temperature is 20°C. Other reference temperatures are possible. Calibration is generally made for 'reading below', for non-transparent liquids also 'reading above'.
ASTM Hydrometers
API gravity hydrometers measuring range from 0 upto + 101°API
Specific gravity hydrometers measuring range 0.650 upto 2.000
Dairy Hydrometers (Lactodensimeters)
Baume' Hydrometers
Measuring scale 10, 20 or 30 °Bé. With/Without Thermometers


Saccharimeters for Sugar Solutions
Brix hydrometers - measuring range from 0 upto 90:1°Brix, thermometer 0+50:1°C, red or blue filling, reference temperature 20°C.
for the determination of the content of alcohol by volume in ethanol/water mixtures, reference temperature 20° C
 แอลกอฮอลมิเตอร์เพื่อหาปริมาณแอลกอฮอลโดยปริมาตรในส่วนผสมแอลกอฮอลกับน้ำที่อุณหภูมิ 20 C
Hydrometers for Special Application
e.g. hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, hydrochloride acid, sulphuric acid, sodium Hydroxide
  ไฮโดรมิเตอร์สำหรับการใช้งานเฉพาะเจาะจง เช่น ไฮโดรเจนเปอร์อ๊อกไซด์ น้ำส้มสายชู กรดเกลือ

กรดกำมะถัน โซดาไฟ


Digital Thermometers (Maxi-Pen)


ช่วงการวัด: -50…..+200 C

ความละเอียด: 0.1 C

Resistant and intensive thermometer for the fast temperature indication.
Universal useable and very favourable in price instrument.
Range : -50 °C upto +200 °C
Resolution : 0.1 °C
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