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Conductivity Meter 3175
Conductivity, Temperature Benchtop Meter
Next generation conductivity benchtop meter, Jenco EC3175 has an large, backlit LCD display, adjustable cell constant.
  • Clear, large LCD display with backlight
  • Displays conductivity and temperature at same time
  • Accepts 2-wire conductivity cells with adjustable k=0.1, k=1 and k=10 cell constants for improved flexibility and accuracy
  • Convenient one point calibration
  • Calibration data is stored in memory and is ready for use on power up
  • Automatically selects one of three conductivity ranges to display readings
  • Readings are automatically compensated for temperature (ATC)
  • Meter automatically switches into manual compensation when temperature probe is not present
  • Automatic lock mode is available to lock in stable readings
  • Intuitive operation with membrane keypad with tactile and audio feedback.
  • Splash resistant case is made with durable, reinforced plastic for added protection. protective covers for connectors are included
  • Smaller case does not clutter valuable desk space
  • 8pin DIN connector for conductivity cell & 10k thermistor
  • AC adaptor or battery power



pH Meter 6175
pH, ORP, Ion, Temperature Benchtop Meter
Next generation of pH benchtop meter with mV and temperature readouts, high mV resoution, and large LCD.
  • Large LCD display
  • High 0.1 mV resolution
  • Automatic buffers recognition of US and NIST buffer sets
  • Displays electrode efficiency with electrode offset recognition and electrode slope recognition
  • Built in buffer temp. coefficient
  • Stores calibration data in memory so meter is available for use on power up
  • Automatic / manual temperature compensation
  • Automatic lock mode and end point sensing lock stable readings
  • AC adapter or battery powered (with low battery indicator)
  • RoHS compliant


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